Timberland Chandelier

Tower Lighting
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Blending rustic, industrial, and modern materials gives the Timberland a unique one-of-a-kind style! The Timberland is made from a hand-hewed poplar beam and cradle in a matte black bracket with square washers and bolts. This fixture hangs from two open-body turnbuckles attached to a single canopy. Included with the Timberland are 40W vintage round Edison bulbs.

Timberland 4': 7 G95 bulbs-40w (included)
Timberland 5': 9 G95 bulbs-40w (included)
Timberland 6': 11 G95 bulbs-40w (included)
Timberland 7': 13 G95 bulbs-40w (included)

Usually ships in 4-5 weeks.